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Trade Page


The Trade page has multiple components to provide the user a virtual feel of a trading desk. It has a price ladder for each of the instruments with embedded controls to view the order entry window and pull orders, an order book, a fill book, and a portfolio and message book.

Instrument Price Ladder


The price ladder displays real-time depth of market price data for the product. On the left hand side it displays the open, high, and low prices achieved from start of the day. Beneath it is the last price, last quantity and total quantity traded in the market.

OpenThe opening price for the instrument; i.e. the first price traded at the start of the day
HighMaximum price traded during the day
LowThe lowest price traded during the day
LTPThe Last Traded Price in the market for the instrument
LTQThe Last Traded Quantity in the market
TTQTotal Traded Quantity in the market during the day
Blue “X” buttonTo pull all buy-working orders for the instrument
Black “X” buttonTo withdraw all working orders
Red “X” buttonTo pull all sell working orders for this instrument

Time And Sales Window


This window displays all the trades in the market subject to a maximum of the last 1,000 entries. You can select a product for which you want to see the trades.

Order Book Window


The order book displays all your working orders (for this session and earlier sessions).

TimeLondon time at which an order was received at the server
IDThe unique order ID assigned by the exchange to a valid order request
B/SWhether this is a buy or a sell order
ProductThe asset or instrument of the order
SeriesThe expiry month of the instrument on which the order was submitted
QtyThe total quantity for the whole order that was sent to the exchange
PriceThe working price in the exchange at which the order was submitted
StopPrThe stop price for a stop loss order (otherwise this field is blank)
ExeVolThe executed quantity of the whole order that was originally sent to the exchange
RemVolThe remaining/working quantity of the whole order that was sent to the exchange
M/LWhether this order is market or limit
TIFTime In Force; i.e. whether this order is GFD (Good For Day)

A context menu is displayed when you select and right-click one or multiple orders. It is possible to select multiple orders by using the Control keyboard button.

Modify OrderThis selection will modify the selected order (note that it is not possible to modify multiple orders simultaneously)
Delete Order(s)Delete the selected orders
Delete AllDelete all the working orders in all the instruments

Fill Book Window


The fill book displays all completed transactions in the exchange.

TimeThe (London) time at which order was filled at the exchange
IDThe unique order ID assigned by the exchange to a valid order request
B/SWhether this is a buy or a sell order
ProductThe instrument in which order was sent
SeriesThe expiry month of the instrument in which order was sent
ExeVolThe quantity of this fill
Fill PriceThe price at which order gets filled in the exchange

In exceptional situations, the fill book may show the same fills twice. This happens due to improper synchronization of large data flow at your end. Refresh the page to remove this double fill message. Alternatively, access your correct fills from the “Transaction History” page.

The fill book will display no more than 50 fills due to data limitations. Check the “Transaction History” page.

Portfolio Window


This section helps you see the consolidated risk components viz. positions, Profit-and-Loss (P&L), etc.

ContractContains the instrument
BuysThe number of buys for the day
SellsThe number of sells for the day
PosThe net position for that Instrument
LTPThe Last Traded Price in the corresponding instrument
Unrealized P&LThe profit-and-loss (P&L) due to the open positions
Total P&LThe sum of unrealized and realized P&L; i.e. the total P&L for the instrument at this point in the day

The last row sums up the corresponding values for all the instruments.

Message Book Window


This window contains your communications with the exchange. These usually concern order-related requests sent to the exchange.

My Performance Page


This page contains your past trade data. You can see daily, weekly, monthly and overall P&L as well as your rank standing in the contest.

Yesterday ViewYour standing up to the close of day yesterday
Weekly viewYour standing up to the Friday of last week
OverallThe overall statistics up to the close of day yesterday

Note: users who don’t trade are not considered in the calculations above.

Transaction History Page


This page allows you to view fills for any trading day in your history.

Products Listed For Trading


Four products or assets are available for you to trade.

ProductTick SizeTick Value
Euro-FX0.0001 $/€$12.50
CME mini S&P 5000.25 index points$12.50
ICE Brent0.01 $/barrel$10
Comex Gold0.1 $/troy ounce$10

Each product will have an expiry date during the tenure of the contest, after which you will not be able to trade in them. Moreover, all open positions will be closed at the closing price on the expiry day. The next calendar series of the same product will be available for trading on the next day.

Trading Time


You can trade only on weekdays; i.e., Monday to Friday between 06:30 and 18:30 GMT.

During the rest of the time, the trade page will not be available and, instead, you will be directed to the portfolio view.

Risk Limits


Risk limit refers to the maximum number of orders you can send in one instrument. You can always choose to send fewer orders than the maximum risk limit. Since each product will have same risk limit, you can send 4X buy orders and 4X sell orders in total (X is the risk limit for that week for each product).