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Trade Screen


After you login and click ‘Trade,’ you will see a screen with lots of flickering numbers. Welcome to the world of trading!
To get started, please refer below to see what a typical trade page looks like.

Price Ladders


The price ladder is where the action is. Every ladder has a bid column (blue box), where you enter how many lots you want to buy of a particular product, and an offer/ask column (red box) where you enter how many lots you want to sell of a particular product. In between are the prices on which traders either bid or offer a particular quantity of a product.

How do you place an order?


Let’s say you want to buy one of the four products. Click anywhere on the bid side (to the left of the prices column). A ticket window opens up. Enter the quantity (either with the toggle buttons or by clicking on the pre-specified quantity buttons), and click the Limit radio button if you want a price or the Market radio button if you want a particular quantity irrespective of the price. Then click Submit.

Similarly, you can place orders to sell by clicking on the offer/ask side (on the right side of the prices column).

You can also place a stop loss order that is executed only when your specified price is reached. Note: a sell stop loss order can be placed only below the current trading price. Similarly, a buy stop loss order can be placed only above the current trading price.

How to delete an order?


You can delete all orders (all buy orders, all sell orders, or all orders on a ladder) from a price ladder. If you want to delete a particular order, you must use the order book (to be explained below).

Order Book


The order book is where you can see all your orders before they get executed (filled). The order book includes columns such as Time, Product, Quantity, Price, etc. Delete an order by left-clicking on it, then right-clicking on the selected order, and then click ‘Delete Order.’

Note: ‘Delete all orders’ deletes all orders from all products. Modify an order by selecting it, then right clicking on it and clicking ‘Modify Order.’ You can increase or decrease the order quantity and toggle the price up or down.

Note: If you toggle the price of a buy limit order to a price above the current trading price, your trade will become a market buy order.

Time And Sales


Use this to see your last trades in a particular product. You can toggle between products from the drop down menu.

Fill Book


You can see your trades that have been executed (filled) in your fill book. Buy orders are in blue and sell orders are in red.



Portfolio shows the history of your trades: the total number of your Buy and Sell trades, your Open positions (which need to be squared off to book a Profit/Loss), and your Profit/Loss (based on current market prices in the case of open positions).

Message Book


A log of all your messages submitted, filled or rejected.

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