I can’t log into my account


Try ‘Forgot password’ link.

Update personal information


Please register properly. If you have submitted changes of your information, we will incorporate these changes later in the competition.

My college does not have a College ID. Can I still participate?


No. If this is the case, contact the administrator using Contact Us page.

I have graduated from college. Can I still participate?


Yes. Please provide your college information to register.

Who should I contact in case of a problem?


The quickest way to get a response is to use the link on the Contact Us page.

I am not able to see the website in Opera, Safari etc.


Trade Mogul is supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8, Chrome and Firefox. It is best viewed in 1280 X 800 resolution.

What is trading?


Trading is buying low and selling high or selling high and then buying low, depending on how you anticipate the market moving. Buy now if you feel that markets are going to go up. If you feel that market is set to come down, sell and buy later when it’s down.

How do I trade?


The simple answer is just buy and sell. Again and again. And learn as you go. There is no handbook of trading, but there is lots of information available on the internet. You will learn more about trading the more you read and the more you trade. Trading is not a short term affair. Don't lose heart if you do not do well initially. Keep your focus and keep at it. The markets will move and you will have opportunities to come back.

Note that the trading limits are progressively increasing. You can make more profit (or lose more) as limits increase.

Overnight position closing


The system stops accepting requests at the close of trading. If you think there are some open positions which you do not wish to carry in the next day, do not worry, all positions are automatically squared off at the closing price.

Order server down


This will happen sometimes because of the huge trading volumes that you are helping to generate. We are working to keep the system stable and operating around the clock. Be patient, and try again.

I don't think my P/L is calculated correctly


Contact the administrator using Contact Us page.

What are stop loss orders?


The stop loss order is a stand alone order which can be used to buy at a price higher than the current market price should the market reaches that price. If you have a short position and you want to square-off at a particular price above the current market then a buy stop loss order can be used. Similarly if you have a long position, to place a stop-loss order you will need to place it at a price lower than the current price.

Common mistake: When people are buying or selling (entering the position) they try to club it with a stop loss order. Remember, stop loss order is a stand-alone order.

What do you mean by "squaring off" a position?


To complete any trade, there has to be a buy and a sell transaction in any order. If in your portfolio it shows an open position of -2, then to square that off (bringing it to 0), you need to buy 2 lots.

I want to log out but keep my working orders


You can log out of the system and your orders will continue to work in the exchange. You could see them once you log back in. If they were filled in the meantime, you will see corresponding entries in the fill book.

How do I see each and every trade for a particular instrument/product during the day?


Because of data limitations, Trade Mogul only displays a certain number of previous trades in the Fill Book.

How do I allocate capital for trading?


You are provided with a fixed number of contracts that you can trade in each instrument. Choose the number of contracts you want to trade relative to this maximum. This limit will be revised weekly.

Limits breached


You can only trade a limited number of securities at any time. This limit is the same for everybody. When you send a new order or modify an existing order, the system checks whether the net outcome is within your prevailing limits. If it is not, then your request gets rejected and you see the corresponding message in the Message window.

For example, suppose the prevailing limit is 2 and you are already short 2 lots in an instrument (i.e. your net position is -2). Now if you try to send any sell order in this instrument you will get a limits-breached message.

Similarly, you can send two orders of 2 lots each to buy this instrument as this could change your net position to 2 (which is within limits). But if you try to send an order of 4 lots then you still get a limits breached message. This happens because the system expects you to send an order of a maximum of 2 lots.

How do I keep myself updated with news and research?


Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook. Our analysts will provide important news, analysis and update from time to time. This section is available only to registered participants.

How do I access reports and graphs?


Reports are available through the reports link which can be accessed after you login or on the Trade page.

When can I see the updated rankings?


Rankings are available each trading day at 06:30 AM GMT and are current as of the end of the previous day. There are no intraday updates.