Trade Mogul is a unique and exciting online trading simulation, created and developed by Hertshten Group, that aims to provide top students at top-tier universities a chance to experience trading in international futures markets in oil, gold, currencies and equities.

Trade Mogul allows you to engage in the challenges of trading in international futures markets with real-time prices. Trading is buying low and selling high or selling high and then buying low, depending on how you anticipate the market moving. Buy if you feel the market is going to go up. If you feel the market is set to come down, sell and buy later when it’s down.

Are you good at it? Do you like it? In general, trading successfully is less about your academic foundation and more about your skills and personal abilities. Successful traders come from all academic disciplines, especially those that require strong numerate and analytical skills. You may not have knowledge of international markets, but market information and analytical reports are provided on the Trade Mogul website as part of the trading simulation.

In addition to enjoying this test of your trading abilities, you will learn about your own interests and abilities as well as about international markets.